The Trick to Clean Bugs Off of Your Motorcycle Fairing

This past weekend, we had the pleasure to meet a Californian who made the 1,200 mile trip out to Colorado.  He was asking about the best way to remove all of the bugs his fairing picked up on his trip out.

So, we handed him some Quick Detailer… and in 60 seconds he was able to get his fairing almost spotless.

#1 – We Sprayed the bugs with Quick Detailer.

Spray the bugs with Dirty Biker - Quick Detailer and let it soak for 1-5 min.

#2 – We let the Quick Detailer soak in for about 60 seconds.

Spray the bugs with Dirty Biker - Quick Detailer and let it soak for 1-5 min.

#3 – We sprayed Quick Detailer on the microfiber towel, and then wiped the soaking areas of the fairing.

Spray your fairing again, right before wiping off the bugs.

#3 – The bugs were cleaned off quite easily.

In 1 min, the bugs are gone! (You might need to repeat the process for bugs that have been baking in the sun for long periods of time.)

If you haven‘t washed your bike in a while... don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.

In this particular example, this rider collected these bugs within 48 hours throughout a 1,200 mile ride.  Fresh bugs are the easiest to remove, and we highly recommend wiping them off while they are fairly fresh. Also, you will notice that regularly maintaining your bike with Quick Detailer will make it easier and easier to wipe off bugs.

However, if you have had bugs baking into your fairing for months… don’t worry.  You might have to repeat this process a few times, but Quick Detailer will remove them.  We also recommend letting the bugs soak a few minutes longer before using the microfiber towel.

Try Quick Detailer on Your Bike

From bugs to road grime… Quick Detailer is a spray on product that is fortified with special polymer waxes that are formulated to leave a “wet look”. It works fast on all painted surfaces, clear-coat, plastic, and metal. It is also safe on all types of rims and even glass. We consider it an all-in-one complete motorcycle product.