Essential Cleaning Bundle
Rally Kit + 16oz Quick Detailer

$45.00 | $40.00


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4oz Quick Detailer
4oz Chrome Polish
4oz Leather Care
2 Microfiber Towels
Plus 1 Extra 16oz Bottle of Quick Detailer

This bundle provides everything you need for the road in our conveniently sized Rally Kit, plus a refill 16oz bottle of Quick Detailer. We sell more of this bundle than any other combination in our line.

4oz bottles save space and fit conveniently in your saddle bags or tour pack – perfect for the road and rallies.

Use the additional 16oz bottle of Quick Detailer to refill your 4oz bottle, or keep it handy to spay & wipe your bike in your driveway or garage without needing a hose or bucket of water.